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What is a fusion photo film ? This is a new technique that is now being used which is a mix between still photographs that your photographer will take mixed in with some sound and vision. Throughout your wedding day you will of course have wedding photos taken, if your photographer specialises in Fusion Photo Films then he will also be taking video clips of your big day.

We will then go away and edit the photos, short video clips alongside some music and provide you with a memorable documentary of your big day.

People often see it as a cinematic experience of their big wedding day and gives you something different that you can always look back on, as-well as having your wedding photo album your Fusion Photo film will provide something that you can look back on at any time in your life.

Fusion Photo Films are just coming to market at the moment, if you want to see some examples of the Fusion Wedding Films that we have done so far then click here to see what they are like and if you are interested in getting one for your big day then get in touch with us.

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